Benefits of hosting in sepanja

Host training for socializing and

Communicating with foreign tourists

Ability to get acquainted with different culture

Ability to earn money from available space

Gain access to global market

How to host in sepanja


Registration of residence information

1-What does sepanja expect from hosts?

• Be courteous
• Price update
• Updating the calendar to determine whether the accommodation unit is available
The above items are easy to change in sepanja application

2-Does sepanja include hostel and community residences as well?

Through sepanja,hostel rental is available for economical travelers. If you desire to travel as a group and seeking economical rentals,this is a great alternative. when you make an online reservation for hostels through sepanja,there are several advantages:Economic,gain access to different cultures,make friends from around the world.

3-Host payment procedure:

Sepanjas' method of paying is as follow : 50% of host fee up on guest receiving the key on check-in time and 50% of the remaining on check-out time. Advantage of sepanja:payments are online and without delay

4- How to register any problem?

If you have any questions or problems,contact our 24/7 customer service.

5-Who sets the terms and conditions for sepanja host?

All terms and conditions of sepanja stand and host may add his or her special terms and conditions as well.

6-What measures has been taken by sepanja to prevent damage to residences by guests?

The host shall present sepanja with evidence of any mishap within 24 hours of guest check-out time or anytime sooner for review.